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JPG To AVI Converter Software 7.0

Simple application that allows you to create a video from JPG images
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JPG To AVI Converter Software is a simple application that allows you to create video files from JPG images. It offers a quick to-the-point solution to transform a collection of photos or any image file into a video presentation, without music or fancy effects, just a video.

The application is as straightforward as it can be. Its interface is plain and all the controls for the video creation can be found in the main window. You can add individual images to the conversion list, but it is also possible to add a folder containing multiple photos at once. It only supports JPG and JPEG image formats.

The software is so basic that there aren't many settings to play with. Actually, the only aspect of a video you can control is the delay between images, basically, the time you want an image to be displayed or the number of images to show per seconds. Once everything is set, you can proceed to the creation of a video, which requires just one click. An AVI video will be quickly created and saved to the desired folder.

JPG To AVI Converter Software is free to try (limited to 3 pictures per video) and the full version can be acquired for $19.90, which I think is a bit pricey for what it has to offer.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Simple and easy to use


  • No transitions effects to add between images
  • Lacks advanced settings
  • Limited format support
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